Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's Do Lunch!

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Not a lot of time to sew this week. I have company coming and I have to at least shoot for the "illusion of clean" around the house. It also means I have to clean up my disaster area of a sewing room, since that's where the futon that we use for company lives. When it's not being used by guests, I tend to cover it with fabric and projects in various stages of completion.

On the heels of last week's Back to School projects, I decided to make up a nice little lunch kit to add to my shop. I've had this great retro-inspired lunchbox fabric in my stash for awhile, so I pulled it out and got to work.

I made a 12" by 12" sandwich wrap along with a 5" by 6" snack bag.
The sandwich wrap has the Lunchbox print on the exterior and is lined with the ripstop nylon. Just place your sandwich in the center, fold the side corners in and tuck around your sandwich, then fold up the bottom, fold down the top, and secure with the velcro! It will keep your sandwich fresh and then give you the perfect little portable placemat to eat on.

The snack bag has a Velcro closure all the way across the top to keep your snacks secure, and it is lined with waterproof ripstop nylon. The wrap has the lunchbox print on the exterior and is also lined with the ripstop nylon.

The matching lunch sack measures about 10" x 11" x 3." I sandwiched (no pun intended!) Insul-Brite insulating batting between the exterior lunchbox fabric and the interior ripstop nylon to help keep any lunch items nice and cool. The top folds over and has a loop and button closure.

Worried about your lunch items ending up in the Lost & Found? Personalize them! I also included a tag for personalization on each item. Just write your name on it with a permanent fabric marker!

The two best things about this cute little lunch kit? It's washable and it's reusable!

This wonderful lunch kit is available for purchase at itssewsweet.etsy.com!


Tracey@cute2carry said...

I can see these going like hotcakes, so I bet folks will snatch these up quickly!

Tiff said...

Those are so cute!!! I would buy that!