Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Be Patient, It's a Work In Progress!

Here it is, Wednesday again. The day I've set aside to participate in cute2carry's "What I'm Working On Wednesday."

And since this is week THREE, you'd think I would have my act together. Nope. This stupid thing called "housework" keeps cutting into my sewing time....the nerve! And my kids are still home on summer vacation and wouldn't you know it...they want me to do stuff with them. Can you believe it? ;)


I've had this idea for a dress floating around in my head for a few days. It's a variation on another little dress I've made. So today I set aside time to get it done. Yeah right. After swimming lessons, the library, and lunch, time was short.

But I did get a start on it. In fact, I got some of the most time-consuming little details done. And I thought I could give a little sneak peek.

It involves some of this, Alexander Henry's "Delarna Stripe":

I love this print. I love the colors, I love the design...just everything about it. I bought a few yards on sale last year, not knowing what I was going to do with it, and I've used it in a few projects here and there.

And my work of progress also involves some of these:

Sigh....ruffles. Have I ever told you how much I love to make ruffles? Oh wait. Yes, I did proclaim my love for ruffles once before. I wrote about my ruffle-making weapon, the ruffler attachment.

Well, the ruffler and I had a bit of a falling out today (one of the reasons, the main reason, I'm not finished with this project), but we sought counseling and we're working out our differences. I think we have come to a place where we can work together peacefully. Either that or I will beat it into submission.

And finally, one last peek:

What's that!? An applique? Yep, I've dipped my toe in the applique pool.

So that's it for your sneak peek! You'll have to come back later this week to see how the whole project came together!

And don't forget to check out the links to other WIWOW projects over at There are some really talented people out there!

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Tracey@cute2carry said...

Hmmmmm...what WILL this be! :) Thx for posting over at WIWOW!!!