Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to Reality

Well, we survived our Disneyland vacation. My kids are tired, but happy. They are now in the midst of “Disney Detox.” Back to picking up after themselves (in theory, of course), eating decent food, and entertaining themselves when mom needs to get things done.

Disneyland is magical, no matter what your age. I couldn’t help but get excited seeing my kids caught up in all the magic and wonder of the place. And another thing I like about Disneyland….I do believe it is the cleanest public place on Earth. I never saw a piece of trash sit on the ground for longer than a second before someone came along and casually swept it up. The bathrooms were immaculate, and I could take my kids in there without wanting to run them through a complete decontamination afterward. Everything runs like a well-oiled machine at Disneyland, with everyone having their specific job and doing it without any inconvenience to the people enjoying the park.

We tried to save money on this trip, and figured the best and easiest way was by being smart our meals. We stayed at an off-site hotel with free breakfast every morning, hauled our own snacks and water into the park, and then ate a late lunch/early dinner at nearby restaurants. Bringing in food meant I needed something handy to carry it in….which leads me to another recent sewing project!

I’ve been keeping my eye out for something cute but practical to lug stuff around in. I prefer a backpack because it leaves my hands free, but I don’t want to look like a student or backwoods hiker. So while digging around on the internet one day, I found this great tutorial for a backpack. I got some nice, medium-weight, cotton decorator fabrics in fun summer colors and went to work. This pattern was so easy and it turned out great.

I added two pockets to the inside, which were perfect for carrying my phone and camera. I was able to carry everything we could possibly need during the day, from snacks to first-aid kit, as well as my usual wallet and other everyday items. Here’s a picture of the backpack being put to use in California Adventure:

My kids see how much I love my new backpack, and they have started to pester me about making one for them. I think I’m going to take the pattern and adapt it to something just right for them….a little smaller, more pockets, etc. I’ll let you know how that turns out!

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