Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodnight stars, Goodnight Air, Goodnight Noises Everywhere....

[Another edition of WIWOW...thanks to Cute2Carry!]

People will often ask me where I learned to sew. That's an easy mother. She is the Sewing Queen. A lot of my memories of my mother involve her sitting at a sewing machine creating.

When we were young, she sewed almost all of our clothes....even our swimsuits. One of her favorite things to make for us was nightgowns. My sister and I always had drawers full of cute, girly nightgowns. In fact, one of my favorite family traditions is new pajamas on Christmas Eve. We always got to open one gift when we got home from church, and it was always some cute nightgown or pajamas that she had made....and of course, they were all matching. For example:

I think my mom was channeling "Little House on the Prairie." Love the sleeping caps. Just call us Mary and Laura.

I've written before about my daughter's love of dresses and how that preference even carries over to bedtime. Well, I've began to notice that a lot of the nightgowns I made for her last year are getting too small. Those darn kids...they just won't stop growing!

So my project for this week is to make that girl some nightgowns. I'm using my favorite nightgown pattern, New Look 6641, and some cute cotton fabrics I picked up for $2 a yard. The pattern calls for knits, but I just use regular cotton quilting fabrics or flannel and it works just fine. I do use a stretch tubular knit to make the collar.

I love this pattern. It's just so cute and easy. I can whip one of these out in about 45 minutes, from cutting to finishing. My favorite detail about this nightgown? The adorable flutter sleeves:

I only managed to get one finished and one partially done yesterday.

But I'm hoping to get the rest of them done today.

I think five new nightgowns will do for now!

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