Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MINE....all MINE!!!

One of the downfalls of this little sewing venture I've gotten myself into is that I'm often so busy sewing for other people that I don't have much time to sew for myself. Well, this Monday I decided to take a couple hours in the afternoon and remedy that....I made something for myself.

Since it's now fall, I decided that I needed a new bag. I've been carrying all my "mom junk" in my great Mama Backpack, but I decided that I'm ready for something more "cute" and less "utilitarian."

I was discussing what I wanted in my new bag with my friend Tracey, the Queen of all things handbag related. I mentioned that I really liked the Amy Butler Frenchy Bags....and wouldn't you know it, Tracey had the pattern in her stash!

Next I had to choose fabrics. I wanted something fall-ish that reflected my personality. I love browns, reds, greens and golds. I'm also kind of a mix between "sporty" and "girly." I found these great fall floral patterns with a little bit of a retro feel to them at my local fabric store. I think they have "Jenn" written all over them!

On the whole, I'm thrilled with this pattern. I was easy to follow and I finished it in a couple of hours. One change I am going to make: I don't particularly like how she designed the interior pockets....when I get a chance, I'm going to take it apart and redo them to make them more "user friendly."

Can't wait to show off my new bag!!!


easytocheck said...

love it !

Sweet Mummy said...

that is SO super cute! Well done. I get to start sewing on Christmas projects today. YIPPEE!

. said...

awww i didn't realize miss molly made your blog! we love the towels. i found lee wrapped in the pink one sound asleep in my bed the other night. i love the new purse! for people who order do you buy the fabric or would they need to get the fabric to you? i am thinking i need one of those bags!